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Relations with Shareholders

Constructive Dialogue and Appropriate Information Disclosure

To facilitate sustainable growth and enhanced corporate value over the medium to long terms, FP Corporation recognizes the importance of actively engaging its shareholders in constructive dialogue and reflecting the opinions and requests of shareholders in management.
Apart from Shareholder Meetings and biannual briefings on financial results, we conduct individual meetings and facility tours, and seek to build trust with shareholders and form appropriate share prices by describing our medium-to-long-term management strategy and business activities in a more straightforward manner.
We also make every effort to disclose corporate information in a timely, appropriate, swift and fair manner, and make securities reports, brief announcements of consolidated financial results, financial briefing materials, press releases and other materials available in the Shareholder and Investor Information section of our website.

Improving Corporate Value

We conduct shareholder-focused management in accordance with three basic policies: creating superior products at competitive prices and delivering them to our clients when they need them. We plan to steadily carry out measures for group management to increase our corporate value and achieve our target of a net income of 330 yen per share.

Continuously Stable Dividends

FP Corporation regards providing shareholders with an appropriate return on their investment as one of its most important goals. Our basic policy is to make continuous and stable dividend payments while increasing our profitability and improving our financial standing. Under this policy, we paid a dividend of 81 yen per share, including an interim dividend of 41 yen per share, in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018. On April 1, 2014, FP Corporation executed a two-for-one stock split of its common shares.