Creating a comfortable dietary life through food tray containers

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Together with Japan's culinary culture and dietary life

FPCO products that meet the needs of the times

FP Corporation's products have evolved along with changes in Japan's culinary culture.
FP Corporation makes food containers, but has also helped to enrich people's dietary lives.

Transformation of food containers

Birth of instant noodles. Era when rice is eaten at the Japanese traditional low dining table.
Westernization of dietary life starts.
Birth of self-service supermarkets.
The housing environment changes and a lifestyle of eating at a European style table begins.
Birth of food containers. Speaking of food containers, the “white tray” was the standard.
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Cup noodles start to become popular. Era of take-out lunch boxes begins.
Supermarkets proceed with forming nationwide chains, and purchasing food in food containers become common in regular households.
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Era of the bubble economy, time of gluttony.
Food containers more fashionable as colored and patterned trays appear.
The essence of food containers changed to “tableware”.
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Called the "all-Japanese-are-gourmet" era.
Convenience stores spread and actions for recycling that take the environment into consideration begin.
Sales of Eco Tray (TM), which is the first product in the industry to be receive the Eco Mark, begin.
Compared to overwrapping which was mainstream, containers with lids are released which markedly improved the layout and displayability of food.
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Binge eating TV shows and gourmet TV shows are very popular. Food needs change along with the diversification of lifestyles.
A wide variety of food containers for a wide range of purposes are born.
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