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Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Policy

Basic Principle

FP Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “we,” “us” and “our”) will implement our business activities with the basic principle of contributing to the realization of a society that can be developed continuously in harmony with the environment on the basis of our understanding that the conservation and protection of the global environment is a top priority challenge.


  1. From the perspective of cutting carbon dioxide and effectively utilizing natural resources, we will work intensively to reduce the consumption of resources in our business activities, products and services. We will positively expand and proceed with the FPCO Method Recycling business of recycling used food containers from general households into food containers for reuse.
  2. We will fulfill the statutory requirements imposed on us. We will understand stakeholders’ needs and expectations of us to formulate voluntary standards for implementation to prevent pollution.
  3. We will set an environmental goal in consideration of activities, products and services that may affect the environment, and we will formulate and implement a management plan. We will assess the plan by means of internal audits and reviews performed by the management in order to continuously improve it.
  4. We will make efficient use of water to reduce the consumption of water resources.
  5. We will prevent environmental risks that lead to the pollution of the natural environment with chemical substances and waste and to health hazards.

Environmental Conservation

Climate Change and Energy Use

The FPCO Group understands that measures against climate change constitute a core element of business management. In accordance with our environmental management plan, FP Corporation Eco Action 50 (FPEA-50), we will establish separate working groups in the product, production, logistics, sales and office functions to set goals independently and carry out activities for meeting them. In so doing, the Group will strive to reduce its total CO₂ emissions.

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Use of Resources and Waste

The FPCO Group recognizes that the reduction of waste emissions and the proper treatment of waste are important environmental issues, given that the expansion of business activities leads to an increase in waste emissions.
In addition, the FPCO Group is aware that making proper use of resources is another important environmental issue, because existing resources are limited while more and more resources are required.

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Use of Water

With regard to the use of water, the FPCO Group believes that it is necessary to understand the circumstances in the individual regions of its production bases and make effective use of limited resources.
We will implement appropriate management that responds to the issues regarding water resources that are specific to the individual regions and make effective use of water resources in an effort to cut our consumption of water resources.

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