Creating a comfortable dietary life through food tray containers

To our shareholders

To our shareholders

Dear shareholders, I wish to offer my sincere thanks for your continued patronage and support.

Since establishment, FPCO Group is continuously pursuing "environment, security, safety, and health" based on the management philosophy "customer first" in carrying out product manufacturing from the perspectives of our customers and providing proposals and services that meet customer expectations.
Furthermore, in order to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities we are promoting an environmental management system and are working hard to popularize the "Tray to Tray (TM)" FPCO method recycling for construction of a recycling-oriented society.

FPCO Group's medium-to-long term corporate strategy is to pursue the maximization of our corporate value.  Therefore, we are promoting proactive strategic investments to achieve this objective.

Through such strategic investment, our goal is to be a corporate group that creates a comfortable dietary life for our customers through food containers, and as a manufacturer we will pursue the three basic pillars of (1) creating superior products, (2) manufacturing them at competitive prices, and (3) delivering them to our clients when they need them.

In order to fulfill our responsibilities as a corporation playing a role in the food environment, we will strengthen our materials and product development capabilities, sales ability, and distribution capacity, improve quality, manufacturability, and services, work to reduce total costs, and promote the creation of a sound management infrastructure.  We will also promote proactive market expansion through such means as corporate integration and the acquisition of businesses.


We would very much appreciate your continued support and guidance.


Morimasa Sato

FP Corporation