Creating a comfortable dietary life through food tray containers

FPCO's Strengths

FPCO's Corporate Power

Fully utilizing an infrastructure network that covers all of Japan with a supply chain management system (SCM) at its core and by organically connecting our development capability, purchasing power, manufacturing capacity, distribution power, recycling, and information networks at a higher level to speed up our cultivated resources and intra-group cooperation, FPCO aims to further improve service levels.

Creating superior products at competitive prices and delivering them to our clients when they need them.

Superior products

Proposals for high quality value-added new products that anticipate market changes

Technological strength

Industry-leading technological innovations such as new functions and development of new materials

Infrastructure network

Development of a manufacturing, distribution, and recycling network that covers all of Japan

FPCO group

FPCO group's collective strength that fully meets customer demands


Tray to Tray (TM) and Bottle to Tray (TM) which converts used food trays and PET bottles into food trays