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Site Policy

Thank you for visiting the FP Corporation Web site (hereafter referred to as "this Web site").
We request that you adhere to the following rules and stipulations when using this Web site.

Copyrights and Trademark Rights

All of the information, including trademarks and logos, posted on this Web site is protected under each country's copyright laws and trademark rights as well as various treaties and other laws.
The use of such information, including but not limited to copying, alteration, uploading, listing, transmitting, licensing, sale and publication, beyond private use and beyond the scope explicitly permitted under the law is prohibited without prior permission from FP Corporation.


FP Corporation does not verify links on this Web site or links posted by third parties to this site (hereafter referred to as "linked sites").
We assume no responsibility for any damage resulting from the content or use of linked sites.
We cannot guarantee any information regarding products or services on links from this Web site to third party sites.

Proposals and ideas

In principle, FP Corporation does not accept unsolicited proposals or ideas related to products, technology, design, and concepts, or materials related to said proposals or ideas.

On the occasion that such proposals or related materials are sent to us, please understand that FP Corporation has no obligation to preserve confidentiality.

If FP Corporation or an affiliated company adopts a proposal or idea that closely resembles or is exactly the same as a proposal or idea sent to us, neither FP Corporation nor the affiliated company will assume any responsibility, including paying monetary compensation to the party offering the proposal or idea.


FP Corporation cannot commit to making regular updates or revisions of information provided on this Web site.
Please understand that we assume no responsibility for any damage incurred as a result of using this Web site.
We may change the content of this Web site and information regarding products and services without notice.
We also may revise the content of this Site Policy without notice.
Please visit this Web site from time to time to check for updated content.

Governing laws

Unless specifically stipulated, the laws of Japan shall govern the interpretation and application of the use of this Web site and usage conditions.

Inquiries regarding our site policy and this page

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Personal Information protection policy

FPCO wishes to continue to provide useful information to our customers. FPCO recognizes the importance of appropriately handling personal information and will strictly comply with all Japanese laws, regulations, and ordinances related to the protection of personal information to ensure that their personal information is appropriately handled.

Usage purposes of personal information

FPCO acquires personal information to use for the following purposes. If personal information is acquired for a purpose not covered here, the purpose for acquiring the personal information will be clearly stated in advance.

However, this clause shall not be applicable when the purpose of collecting personal information is apparent to the users, or when the laws, regulations and ordinances require.

  1. To provide information on products and services FPCO offers and its related activities
  2. To contact the users for and act on inquires on claims and strives
  3. To statistically tally and analyze personal information and create statistical data which is processed so that individuals cannot be recognized or identified

Appropriate Acquisition and Security control

FPCO will not acquire personal information unlawfully or fraudulently.

FPCO will take all necessary and appropriate measures to prevent leaks, losses, and damages of personal information and to safely manage the personal information that is handled.

Limitation of provision to 3rd Parties

Except in the following cases, FPCO will not provide personal information to 3rd parties.

  1. When providing personal information to a company or organization for which the user has given approval in advance
  2. When required to do so by laws, regulations and ordinances
  3. When it is necessary to protect human life, physical wellbeing, or property, and it is difficult to obtain approval from the user
  4. When it is particularly necessary to promote improved public hygiene or the healthy upbringing of children, and it is difficult to obtain approval from the user
  5. When it is necessary to cooperate with national organizations, local public organizations, or bodies entrusted with carrying out duties determined by laws and ordinances, and obtaining approval from the user may hinder carrying out such duties

Amendments to the policy

To protect personal information, FPCO may revise the privacy policy when changes are made to laws, ordinances, or other norms. If changes are made to the privacy policy, the changes will be announced on our website.