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The FPCO Group's materiality

The FPCO Group's materiality

The FPCO Group's aim is to continue to play a role in ensuring food safety and security in society by reliably delivering the most environmentally friendly products of the highest quality,at the most competitive prices,  whenever they are needed. To accomplish this, the FPCO Group has defined material issues (materiality) in terms of the key risks and opportunities to the sustainability of its business model, and pursues a number of related initiatives. Material issues are prepared by the Environmental Strategy and TCFD Promotion & Management Committee, and are finalized after being approved by the Board of Directors. 




Materiality Map 



Identification Process

(1) Identification of Issues
We have identified the issues that need to be addressed to enhance the corporate value of the FPCO Group, referencing the SDGs, GRI Standards, evaluation items from ESG rating organizations, and more.


(2) Sorting of Issues
The Environmental Strategy and TCFD Promotion & Management Committee has identified issues to be addressed on a priority basis from two axes, degree of importance to the FPCO Group and degree of importance to stakeholders, taking into account the management philosophy of the Group and feedback from every perspective.


(3) Approval
The identified material issues were decided on following approval by the Board of Directors.