Creating a comfortable dietary life through food tray containers

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FP CORPORATION Group Companies

The FPCO Group manufactures, distributes and sells food containers as well as sells related consumables to support its customers with the group's organically linked collective strength.


As of Sept. 1st, 2019


  • FPCO Hokkaido Co.
  • FPCO Yamagata, Ltd.
  • FPCO Ibaraki Co.
  • FPCO Yachiyo Co.
  • FPCO Shimodate Co.
  • FPCO Chikusei Co.
  • FPCO Toyama Co.
  • FPCO Chubu Co.
  • FPCO Kasaoka Co.
  • FPCO Fukuyama Co.
  • FPCO Kannabe, Ltd.
  • FPCO Kyushu Co.
  • FPCO ALRight Co,.Ltd.
  • FPCO Tosu Co.
  • Nishinihon PET-Bottle recycle Co., Ltd.
  • FPCO Gravure Co., Ltd.


  • FP Logistics Corporation.
  • I-Logic Co., Ltd.
  • FP East Logistics Corporation.
  • FP West Logistics Corporation.

Trading & Sales

  • FP Trading Co., Ltd.
  • FP CHUPA Corp.
  • FPCO International Package Co., Ltd.
  • FPCO Miyako Himo Co.,Ltd.
  • FPCO Dia Foods Co.,Ltd.
  • FPCO Ishida Co.,Ltd.
  • FPCO Ueda Co.

Employment opportunities for the disabled

  • FPCO Ducks Co.
  • FPCO Ai Pack Co.

FPCO's strengths