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Circular recycling using the FPCO method

FPCO method circular recycling with a track record of more than 20 years


FPCO established circular recycling called "Tray to Tray (TM)",  Food containers are born again as food containers, which contributes greatly to reducing the load on the environment through the reduced use of the main raw material crude oil, reduced garbage processing costs, and reduced CO2 emissions.
The born again recycled tray called "Eco Tray (TM)" is the first product in the industry to be certified as an Eco Mark product in Japan.

Furthermore, we are also starting recycling of transparent containers which has been considered difficult until now and PET bottles back into food containers.

トray to Tray (TM)

※Pellets: raw material for plastic products similar in shape to rice grains

Bottle to Tray (TM)

※Flakes: Raw material flakes created by crushing, washing, and drying PET bottles

Recycling together (four entities participating together to recycle)

FP Corporation is not able to recycle used trays and PET bottles on its own. We receive cooperation from our consumers and perform recycling with everyone’s participation.
After being washed and dried, used trays are collected in collection boxes placed at supermarkets and other locations, and then delivery trucks take them back to FP Corporation where they are recycled.
By four entities participating together, a large volume of used trays and PET bottles is recycled smoothly, and waste is kept to a minimum.

Recycling together (four entities participating together to recycle)

News Release: FPCO to explore Chemical Recycling of Foamed PS

 FP Corporation decided to explore collaboration with Tokyo-based DIC Corporation (DIC) to chemically recycle foamed PS into new PS containers.

FP Corporation currently collects and mechanically recycles post-consumer foamed PS, clear PS and PET into food containers.  During the activity, colored foamed PS will become non-food related items.  By implementing chemical recycling system, FP Corporation intends to utilize such colored foamed PS containers within the complete-closed-loop system of food containers.





Communication with communities and consumers


As a member of society we are working on proactive communication with consumers, such as providing factory tours, to contribute to communities and educate them about "Tray to Tray (TM)" FPCO method recycling.
We are also proactively conducting on-site service to provide lectures on recycling at elementary schools and places of request.