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Floor Hockey Activities

FP corporation and Floor Hockey

FPCO’s floor hockey activities were launched in 2010, with the aim of achieving exchange and interactions amongst both FPCO Group employees with disabilities and those without.
Today, these activities have expanded to include the entire domestic FPCO Group, with approximately 600 employees (comprised of approximately 200 employees with disabilities and 400 without) at 10 locations engaging in day-to-day practice sessions and other activities with a view to participation in tournaments.



エフピコとフロアホッケー          エフピコとフロアホッケー

FPCO Group Employees Support the Running of Tournaments as Volunteers

FPCO Group Employees Support the Running of Tournaments as Volunteers

FPCO has become the main sponsor for two floor hockey competitions: the FPCO Cup All-Japan National Floor Hockey Tournament and the Universal Floor Hockey Chugoku–Shikoku Regional Tournament FPCO Cup. FPCO Group employees are deeply involved in the running of these competitions as volunteer staff.
The act of many employees engaging in floor hockey activities either as athletes or as tournament staff contributes to the creation of a circle of exchange and interaction both within and outside of the company that is irrespective of whether or not employees have disabilities.
In recognition of these volunteer activities, in which FPCO Group employees are involved in the running of floor hockey competitions, the Group was selected by the Tokyo Voluntary Action Center (TVAC) to receive the third Corporate Volunteer Award.


Floor Hockey

What is Floor Hockey?

Floor hockey is an indoor floor (i.e. gymnasium) event created as a mixture of the sports of ice hockey, which is popular in North America, and Ringette. It is one of the events at the Winter Special Olympics.
To ensure that the sport can be enjoyed by all participants (regardless of age, gender or whether or not they have disabilities) there are no substitutions, with all players participating. Various considerations are also made in terms of rules and equipment.

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