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Health & Safety

Basic Policy

At the FPCO Group, we work to improve the work environment and raise awareness of safety and health in our efforts to ensure the health and safety of all of the officers and employees of the Group, as well as our contractors, business partners and other related people.


Health Declaration

Since its founding, the FPCO Group has positioned health as one of its guiding precepts. We promote activities to maintain and advance health and have developed healthy workplaces so that each and every employee can work vigorously with a sense of motivation and fulfillment.


Morimasa Sato,

Group Representative 

Management Structure

With representative directors playing a central role, all sectors work together to promote initiatives aimed at improving the work environment for employees and raising awareness of health and safety. The status of these initiatives and health and safety-related activities are reported to management meetings attended by directors, and important matters are discussed and reported on at Board of Directors meetings, enabling the Board of Directors to fulfill its oversight functions.

Ensuring the good health of employees has been one of the FPCO Group's missions since its founding. By pushing forward with activities under the Workplace Health Project, we are implementing various initiatives and provide a range of information for the good health of our employees.In addition, under the supervision of the officer in change of general affairs and human resources, the Health and Safety Committees organized for each business site , together with workplace health and safety meetings hear employee feedback and provide opportunities for proactive deliberations. The status of these activities is shared over the information infrastructure used by all Group companies, leading to each business site enhancing the details of its activities by referencing good practices and other information.

(Organization chart)



Holding Safety and Health Committee Meetings

The FPCO Group observes the Occupational Safety and Health Act and related laws and regulations, organizes Safety and Health Committees at business works with 50 or more employees and workplace safety and health meetings at those with less than 50 employees, and works in coordination with industrial physicians at all business sites on health and safety activities. The Safety and Health Committees and workplace safety and health meetings meet once a month. The meetings are used to discuss matters necessary to maintain the health and safety of all employees and promote the formation of a comfortable workplace environment, and also function effectively as opportunities for employees to voice their opinions. 

Workplace Health Project

In the Workplace Health Project, we implement the following specific initiatives.



My Health Declaration

We distribute the Health Declaration Card to employees every year and have them write health activity targets for the year as "My Health Declaration" on the card, thus encouraging them to continue activities to maintain and improve their good health.


Physical and Mental Health Checks

In addition to periodical health examinations each year, we are targeting all employees in an effort to increase the percentage undergoing stress checks, including those at business sites with less than 50 employees. 


FY Ended
March 2020

FY Ended
March 2021
FY Ended
March 2022

Percentage of employees who receive regular health checkups

99.6%  100%  100% 

Percentage of employees who receive stress checks

87.0% 95.9%  97.1% 

Holding health seminars

In order to maintain and improve the physical and mental health of our employees, we hold annual "Health Seminars" both in person and online.



FY Ended
March 2020
FY Ended
March 2021
FY Ended
March 2022
Mental Toughness Training Exercise while Working Health Seminar for Women
eRecovery (Eye) Training

Support and health guidance from occupational health staff

The FPCO Group provides health guidance and specific health guidance by industrial physicians and public health nurses, and follows up on the results of periodic medical examinations. We have also contracted an outside organization to provide 24-hour health counseling year-round.
Check here for information about specific health guidance

Lifestyle Modification Initiatives

To encourage lifestyle modification, we have introduced a smoking cessation week in time with the World No Tobacco Day on May 31 and the Pico-Vege Week (during which employees are encouraged to eat vegetables) in time with Vegetable Day on August 31 and planned motor function tests, participation in walking rally using a smartphone pedometer app and other events. Thus, we are encouraging employee self-care. We also conduct an annual lifestyle questionnaire to analyze issues in each workplace.



Framework for Supporting Employees' Return to Work

We have created a manual on the content and framework for supporting and facilitating employees returning to work. Thus, we are ready to help employees taking long-term leaves of absence and returning to work.



Delivery of Health Information

We have created a dedicated site for providing information about the Workplace Health Project on our intranet. On it, we have posted an archive of the information shared in the past and show employees how to apply to check their stress level on their own.

In addition, we use various opportunities to proactively provide health information to improve the health literacy of employees. These include the monthly Newsletter from Health Nurses, which provides timely health information, and an e-mail magazine from the Workplace Health Project.



Health Performance Indicators (Non-consolidated)

FY Ended March 2023 Target

Percentage of employees who receive regular health checkupsLifestyle survey response ratePercentage of employees who receive stress checks
100% 90% or more

95% or more

Certified under the 2023 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program

We were certified under the large enterprise category of the 2023 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program, which is jointly run by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.
Year when we were certified: 2022, 2023


Certified under the Sports Yell Company 2023 program

We were certified under the Sports Yell Company 2023 program by the Japan Sports Agency. We have been certified under this program consecutively since FY2018.

*The Japan Sports Agency promotes sports among people in their most productive years and certifies companies engaging in proactive efforts for facilitating sports to promote the health of employees under the Sports Yell Company program.



Agreement with the intent of the Sports in Life Consortium

We agree with the intent of the Sports in Life Consortium, which is promoted by the Japan Sports Agency, and became a member of the consortium.


Support for the FUN+WALK PROJECT

We support the FUN+WALK PROJECT, a public-private cooperation project led by the Japan Sports Agency. 



Initiatives for Safety and Prevention Lost Time Injuries

The FPCO Group implements various initiatives for safety and prevention of lost time injuries. 


Safe Driving Training

To increase the awareness of safe driving of our employees using company-owned vehicles for work, we regularly share an instructive video which uses images of actual traffic accidents from drive recorders once a week. For employees whose driving skills are questioned, we provide practical training at an external driving school and classroom lectures to improve their driving skills and increase their safety awareness. For employees who have actually caused traffic accidents, we provide training in which they delve into the causes of the accidents, thinking about why they happened, and think about how to prevent their recurrence on their own, in our efforts to prevent the recurrence of these accidents.



Danger Experience Courses

Danger Experience Courses

In 2015, we introduced our “danger experience apparatus” and commenced training activities as an education on safety.
In 2017, we installed eight different types of danger experience apparatus in two portable building units, complete with dedicated instructors, and began using them to conduct activities nationwide. Number of participants in the FY Ended March 2022 reached 2,098.
In 2018, we introduced virtual reality (VR) danger experience apparatus. Using shocks and sensations delivered using a combination of CG video footage and haptic gloves, these devices stimulate participants’ senses of sight, hearing and touch to deliver a realistic and immersive simulated experience, through which they are trained to increase their sensitivity to danger. Currently, the program offers three scenarios based on our real operation areas: being sandwiched by a belt conveyor, being caught up in a roller, and falling from an elevated location.Furthermore, we have prepared original scenarios that recreate work sites in our factory.Number of participants in the FY Ended March 2022 reached 1,965. 

Thorough such training activities, we try to prevent occupational accidents by increasing sensitivity of employees' toward dangers.

Initiatives to Prevent Accidents Requiring Time Off Work

Preventing Repeat Occurrences With an Information Sharing System

Information relating to accidents and disasters occurring at our plants is shared by using an information sharing system to post causes and countermeasures, and to deploy those measures at other locations in order to prevent reoccurrences. By displaying health and safety flags inside our plants, we are aiming to achieve a zero incident rate by striving to ensure (1) safety, (2) quality, and (3) productivity.

Preventative Equipment Maintenance

In addition to day-to-day machinery inspections, as a means of preventive maintenance we are also considering the use of intensive monitoring systems (in which the machines are monitored using sensors attached to the various working parts of each machine) in order to check the operational status and accumulate equipment-related data.