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Coexistence with local communities

Policy on Coexistence with Local Communities

At the FPCO Group, we have identified community engagement as one of our material issues. At the FPCO Group, we manufacture and sell simplified food containers. We position our recycling operation, in which we collect used trays and PET bottles and recycle them into materials, as an important business. In addition, because our human resources with disabilities play essential roles on the front lines of our recycling and manufacturing of food containers, we believe that solving environmental problems and promoting inclusion are priority areas and engage in various related activities through the Groups business.

We also respect the basic human rights of children. We support children's right to education, rights to live and grow and other rights through activities, such as conducting recycling plant tours and on-site environmental classes and providing support for children’s cafeterias through the FP Corp. Environment Fund.
Through these initiatives, we will promote activities to solve social issues and help achieve the SDGs, aiming to co-exist in harmony with local communities.






Tours of recycling plants,Online plant tours

At FPCO's recycling plants which are open to tours, we conduct tours for various people including our business partners and people from consumer groups, schools and local governments. We also give online plant tours on our website, in response to requests from people living in remote locations.
Click here to go to the page on recycling plant tours.

Classes we give by visiting schools

FP Corporation’s employees visit elementary schools and other schools to give students classes on recycling and the environment. This initiative allows us to communicate directly with children and students, for whom it is difficult to create opportunities to come to our recycling plants. It is also highly evaluated by teachers as a meaningful program.

Environmental Preservation Activities in Conjunction with Customers

FP Corporation takes part in environment-themed events held in locations such as the store space of supermarkets.

With displays highlighting FP Corporation’s unique ability to reduce CO2 emissions through the collection of used containers, we are able to present specific effects and real numbers showing how we implement recycling as a company, and call upon visitors to actively take part in recycling activities.

Activities in supermarket environments where FP Corporation's products are actually being used produces synergies.

Participation in various activities in local communities

We are proactive in participating in events held in areas where our business sites are located. As a member of the community, we engage in volunteer activities as well as initiatives to promote awareness of environmental protection. In addition, we acquired the naming rights for the Fukuyama-shi gymnasium in March 2020. This gymnasium is loved by local citizens as FPCO Arena Fukuyama

Working with local communities through the FP Corp. Environmental Fund

We launched The FP Corp. Environment Fund in March 2020 to extend financing to organizations which engage in activities in the three areas of the protection of the environment, environmental education and research and activities to resolve issues surrounding food and to provide food support. 

We are working together with local residents to build a sustainable society through the participation of our Group employees in the activities of organizations subsidized. 

For more information on activities, please click here.



Donating Containers for Children's Cafeterias

Since May 2020, we have donated a cumulative 752,280 sets of boxed meal and soup containers to groups operating children's cafeterias around Japan supported by the NPO National Children's Cafeteria Support Center Musubie. Amid the difficulties in conducting activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are working to contribute to local communities by assisting groups that are continuing with activities to support children, and are striving to create a sustainable society. 

Helping business partners with the employment of human resources with disabilities

At FP Corporation, we help our business partners employ people with disabilities based on our knowledge of human resources with disabilities. This initiative has created employment for 751 people with disabilities at 50 facilities as of January 2022. The people employed constitute a workforce that is essential in each workplace.

For more information, please click here.



Initiatives through Floor Hockey


FPCO has become the main sponsor for two floor hockey competitions: the FPCO Cup All-Japan National Floor Hockey Tournament and the Universal Floor Hockey Chugoku–Shikoku Regional Tournament FPCO Cup. FPCO Group employees are deeply involved in the running of these competitions as volunteer staff.
The act of many employees engaging in floor hockey activities either as athletes or as tournament staff contributes to the creation of a circle of exchange and interaction both within and outside of the company that is irrespective of whether or not employees have disabilities.


Production of Shokuhin Tray-no Himitsu (secrets of food trays), an educational manga

We produced Shokuhin Tray-no Himitsu (secrets of food trays), an educational manga. We produced this manga with a desire to help elementary school children properly understand FP Corporation’s initiatives and thoughts about the environment. The book was published in May 2022 and donated to approximately 25,000 elementary schools and public libraries all over Japan.

This book is also offered as a free electronic book. Please check it out.



Recommendation of  the Eco Kentei (environmental and social knowledge certification test)

To increase the environmental awareness of employees, we began encouraging them to take the Eco Kentei (environmental and social knowledge certification test) in 2020.
The employees share the same level of environmental knowledge, which leads to the improvement of their environmental skills.
(Cumulative total number of employees who have passed this test as of March 2022: 250)





Results of each activity(FY 2021)


Tours of recycling plants

1,435 visitors received

※A cumulative total of approximately 490,000 visitors have been received since 1990. 

Giving classes on location

(Classes we give by visiting schools)

(Online plant tours/Lectures

Implemented 129 times, 8,657 participants *Total of 107,965 participants

Implemented 21 times, 1,381 participants

Implemented 108 times, 7,276 participants)

Events in collaboration with customers

Participated 5 times
Example: Participation in an SDGs event held at Ito Yokado stores

Community Activities Participated twice

FP Corp. Environment Fund
Employees' participation in the activities of subsidized organizations

A total of 137 Group employees participated on 23 occasions.
 Donating Containers for Children's Cafeterias

Conducted three times, a total of 184,000 sets donated

※Total of 752,280 sets donated since May 2020

Number of volunteers participating in floor hockey competitions

Competition cancelled due to spread of new coronavirus



Community investments

We invent in communities through donations and sponsorships focusing on fields and areas that are closely related to our business such as environment, recycling, employment of people with disabilities, and community promotion.

In JPY 1,000

















 Total 24,748 7,469 28,207 26,806

※1 Non-Profit Organization, etc.
※2 Floor hockey activity-related expenditures, etc