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Human Management

Human Management Policy

The greatest asset of the FPCO Group, which continues to work and take on challenges to achieve sustainable growth, is its human resources.
We reinforce systems for human resource development to enable each one of our employees to fully demonstrate their talent and other individual qualities, throughout the process from recruitment and training to the utilization of their skills and to retirement. We thus enable them to lead professional lives where they are fulfilled and satisfied in their jobs and continue to push forward with organizational revitalization to keep improving the value of the corporate group as a whole.


Morimasa Sato, Chairman, Representative Director and Group Representative, FP Corporation
Kazuyuki Yasuda, President, Representative Director, FP Corporation


The details of our initiatives to improve workplace environments are available here.



Personnel systems

Common qualification system that expands opportunities for active participation

We have introduced a qualification system consisting of three types of employees: career-track employees, specialists and senior employees.

Career-track employees

They perform jobs which require a high-level perspective, and expertise, such as contributing to business performance and carrying out planning from a company-wide perspective.


They engage in jobs in specific fields.

Senior employees

Employees who have chosen to extend their retirement age engage in jobs focused on the development of younger employees, for a period of up to five years, or in the years from age 60 to 65 at the longest.

Extension of retirement age with multiple options permitting employees to choose diverse workstyles

In response to employees' needs related to diverse workstyles, this system permits employees to select the age they will retire at, between 60 to 65 years of age. Even employees who have chosen to retire before reaching 65 can continue working as re-hired employees (with the annual renewal of their contract) until they reach the age of 65. This applies to all employees who desire to do so. Employees are also re-hired after reaching the age of 65 with an upper limit of 70 (with the annual renewal of their contract) if both the employees and the company desire to continue their relationship.



Evaluation system that values dialogue and capability development

We have introduced an evaluation system that attaches importance to dialogue between evaluators and the people being evaluated.
Employees consider medium- to long-term initiatives and talk with their superiors to create opportunities to set targets, so that superiors support their subordinates in their autonomous personal development and their improvement activities. In addition, in evaluation settings, employees have the results of their initiatives to achieve six-month and full-year targets appeal to their superiors to discuss and agree on the evaluation with superiors.



Human Resources Development Initiatives

Preparation of the Human Resources Development and Training Center

To cultivate next-generation human resources, the facility is fully equipped with a lecture theater with capacity for around 120 people, training rooms where up to 500 people can undergo training at once, and discussion rooms for small groups. Various training sessions including new employee training are conducted at the facility, which plans an important part in the growth of FP Corporation.

Certified as a parenting-friendly  company by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare


Promoting Female Empowerment

We published "the general employers action plan based on the Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace" on the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s database of companies promoting the active participation and career advancement of women, aiming to expand occupational domains of female employees, to aid women in remaining employed, and to increase the number of women in managerial positions.

We have set targets of more than 30% female career-track hiring rate (24.0% as of April 2023), more than 50 female managers (achieved with 57 in April 2023) and more than five executives (achieved with 6 in April 2023). In the future, we will promote the active recruitment of women in career-track positions and the promotion of women to higher positions, and promote the expansion of opportunities for women to play an active role.

Employees data

General Employer Action Plan based on the Law for the Promotion of Women's Activities(from the Database for the Promotion of Women's Activities, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare)

*Managers: Employees ranked M II or higher under our personnel system
*Senior managers: Employees with the role of general manager, chief manager or a similar role

 Various training programs

At the FPCO Group, we have continued with our efforts to create an environment in which all people can realize their potential, such as by providing detailed training to everyone from new employees to managers and senior managers so that a diverse range of human resources including women, foreign nationals, and mid-career hires can succeed. We provide training in the form of group training or by leveraging the benefits of online training as appropriate according to the characteristics of each program.


 (Training System)


One-on-One Leader Training Sessions

Employees appointed to train others become responsible for the education of new employees as mentors for around six months to a year.
While this is training to become a mentor, it is also designed for the leaders themselves to improve their teaching skills.


Leader training

The goals of this training program are the development of the self-awareness and sense of responsibility of mid-career employees, enabling trainees to think on their own, and leading the trainees toward their own achievements to increase added value. This is a three-year program featuring a step-by-step learning process in various areas, including logical thinking, leadership, coaching, understanding the external environment and organizational strategy.


Training for
newly appointed managers

This training program is provided to new managers.
Role playing and other methods are used such as for team building, inter-departmental cooperation, and the development of subordinates. The training program is positioned as an opportunity for trainees to reshape their awareness and change their behaviors with the goal of facilitating the growth of trainees and their subordinates.


Overseas training

This training program is provided to FPCO Group employees with at least 10 continuous years of service, for the purpose of observing local supermarkets and engaging in exchanges between Group companies.


Self-development Support Program

Under this program, the company provides financial support to employees proactively striving to improve their capabilities self-reliantly on their own initiative. The program includes three types of course which are beneficial for the execution of businesses and related to businesses. They are courses for acquiring public qualifications, correspondence courses and courses provided by external schools.
(Number of employees who used this program in FY2023: 229)


Various other training programs

We are also proactive in conducting a range of other training programs including Accounting Department training designed to hone practical accounting and finance skills and environment-related training sessions where participants learn about the creation of corporate value through the non-financial activities related to ESG and the SDGs.