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Use of Water

Use of Water Policy

The FPCO Group is aware that it is an important environmental challenge to preserve water resources as part of the basic infrastructure of society. These days, the water shortage is worsening globally due to desertification and other factors.
Japan, where our Group’s businesses are based, has yet to experience a chronic water shortage. In view of the water sources consumed for the production of imported materials, however, global water problems such as water shortage and water contamination are by no means unrelated to our Group.
With regard to the use of water, the FPCO Group believes that it is necessary to understand the circumstances in the individual regions of its production bases and make effective use of limited resources.
We will implement appropriate management that responds to the issues regarding water resources that are specific to the individual regions and make effective use of water resources in an effort to cut our consumption of water resources.


The FPCO Group mainly uses water in the used product cleaning process at its recycling plants, and recognizes water shortages as a risk. We believe it is necessary to gain an understanding of conditions in each region and implement the following measures to reduce water usage. 

Introduction of water filtration equipment

We reduce the new use of water at recycling plants with the installation of water filtration equipment that allows water to be reused. 

Installation of cooling towers

We have installed cooling water recycling facilities (cooling towers) at our production plants to reduce the new use of water.


- Reduce total usage in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2031 by 10% compared with FY2021 levels.
- Reduce water usage per unit of production in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2031 by 10% compared with FY2021 levels.



Fresh surface water, including rainwater, water from wetlands, rivers, and lakes  0㎥ 0㎥ 0㎥ 0㎥
Brackish surface water/seawater  0㎥ 0㎥ 0㎥ 0㎥
Groundwater - renewable  146,313 100,450 164,016㎥ 192,558
Groundwater - non-renewable  0㎥ 0㎥ 0㎥ 0㎥
Produced / Entrained water  0㎥ 0㎥ 0㎥ 0㎥
Third party sources 

584,571 ㎥




Usage (Total)

730,884 ㎥




Water Usage Per Unit of Production (cm3 of water used per product unit produced) 30.6 29.2 31.0 31.2


<Wastewater Results>

Discharge Destination


Fresh surface water


549,698 546,107
Brackish surface water/seawater 4,967㎡ 4,845㎡ 608 754㎡
Groundwater 0㎥ 0㎥ 0㎥ 0㎥
Third-party destinations 260,599㎡
179,321㎡ 156,988 203,387
Total 652,468㎡ 618,409㎡ 707,294㎡ 750,248㎡