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Foamed Polystyrene Trays Recycling

Advanced Recycling Spread to Involve Different Players

Circular Recycling: Tray to Tray

Circular Recycling: Tray to Tray

FPCO has been collecting and recycling foamed polystyrene trays since 1990.
With consumers, supermarkets and other retailers, packing materials wholesalers and FPCO working together, the FPCO Method recycling has taken root as a recycling system in which everyone participates.
As of March 2019, collection boxes for foamed polystyrene trays can be found at approximately 9,200 sites all over the country.



Collected foamed polystyrene trays and containers are conveyed to sorting centers in separate regions.



After the removal of used trays that cannot be recycled, the remaining trays are sorted into white ones and colored ones. For foamed polystyrene trays, the sorting process unavoidably involves manual work and requires the longest time and the greatest workload.

Air-Powered Separation and Primary Pulverization

3.Air-Powered Separation and Primary Pulverization

After fine foreign particles are removed by blowing air, foamed polystyrene trays are crushed.

Primary Cleaning

4.Primary Cleaning

The crushed materials are washed with water. * The water used in this process is purified and reused.

Secondary Cleaning

5.Secondary Cleaning

The materials are cleaned with hot water and detergent. * After the removal of fine suspended matter, the cleaning water used in this process is reheated and reused as cleaning water.

Rinsing and Drying

6.Rinsing and Drying

The materials are rinsed with water and spin-dried.

Secondary Pulverization

7.Secondary Pulverization

The materials are crushed into finer chips.

Melting and Extrusion

8.Melting and Extrusion

The dried chips are melted and processed into pellets. * The cooling water is circulated.



After passing a quality test, the pellets are ready to serve as the material for Eco Trays™.

Eco Trays®

10.Eco Trays™

Eco Trays®

The sheeting process makes the pellets into Eco Trays. Each Eco Tray is printed with the Eco Mark.