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Actions in Logistics

FPCO’s Logistics Management

The centralized management system for supply chain management (SCM) is a core element of FPCO’s logistics system.
We systematically assign vehicles in a bid to maximize the efficiency of all logistics activities during all phases, including the production, delivery and collection of used trays, and to minimize the travel distances of individual vehicles.
The management system receives all information including sales forecasts from the sales team, the inventory status of individual products from the logistics team and production schedules from the production team and puts it under central control to persistently increase the efficiency of logistics operations and reduce waste.
As a result, it serves to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. FPCO’s SCM system is at the heart of its logistics activities. Our private logistics network serves as a tool for this purpose.
Private logistics means that there are no constraints on vehicle assignment planning. This paves the way for the thoroughly centralized management of logistics operations.


Private Logistics Network

Private Logistics Network

FPCO has private distribution centers and picking centers operated mainly by FP Logistics Corporation.
These logistics bases are located in consideration of distances from production bases and geographical conditions in the region where products are delivered. They deliver products to destinations without time losses after production to implement logistics operations with low environmental impacts.
In FY2014, new logistics facilities, namely the Fukuyama Cross-Dock Center and the Hachioji Distribution Center, commenced operation. They are both equipped with facilities to which the latest technologies are introduced with a view to achieving further labor and cost reductions.