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Actions in Offices

Energy Conservation Activities in Offices

Cloud system
Cloud system

To reduce the power consumption of computers used by employees, only display monitors are placed on the desks of individual employees, and servers are used instead of hard disks.

Active use of video conferencing systems
Active use of video conferencing systems

To reduce the CO2 emissions arising from business trips, video conferencing is helpful in meetings with branches, sales offices and plants of group companies nationwide.

Introduction of low emission vehicles
Introduction of low emission vehicles

We are introducing electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, low emission vehicles and so-called Kei cars,mini vihicles.

Monitoring of Green Driving

We operate a remote monitoring system to check for sudden acceleration, sudden braking and other driving behaviors that consume an excessive amount of fuel in order to encourage safe and environmentally friendly ways of driving.

Paper-Free Operations

We do not print out a huge number of business documents, including shipping data. Instead, we distribute them by e-mail or other electronic means.

Electric Power Saving

On the basis of the visualization of power consumption, we practically implement the appropriate temperature setting and switching-off of unnecessary lighting.

Computer Recycling

Computers in the company are under the sole control of the systems department. At the time of replacing devices, they are recycled by a specialist operator.

Green Purchasing

We purchase and use office supplies, equipment and related services with low environmental impacts.

Organization of Environmental Seminars

We periodically organize seminars for our employees on the subject of business, recycling and many other activities that we have been conducting in consideration of the environment.