Creating a comfortable dietary life through food tray containers

Actions in Sales Activities

Sales Promotion of Products with Low Environmental Impacts

Leading to the reuse of used trays in the form of recycled materials instead of disposal,
the Eco Tray® and the Eco APET® have the effect of cutting CO2 emissions from the process of material manufacturing and from the process of disposal and recycling.
Recycled products are reborn again and again in the cycle of use, collection and recycling. We strongly recommend them to customers. This is part of our unique environmental actions in our sales activities.

Eco Tray®
Eco Tray®

The Eco Tray® is an environmentally friendly product. It is produced from materials recycled from used trays that are collected.


The Eco APET® is another environmentally friendly product. It is produced from materials recycled from PET transparent containers and PET bottles that are collected.

Awareness-Raising Activities at Used Tray Collection Points

While proposing the Eco Tray®, the Eco APET® and other environmentally friendly products to supermarkets and other customers using food trays and containers, we advertise our activities to consumers purchasing goods at supermarkets and elsewhere, calling for the contribution of their used trays and PET bottles to collection.
Consumers’ contributions of used trays are indispensable for the circular recycling of trays.
We prepare many different posters advertising our collection to be displayed at supermarkets and other retail stores
Even so, the collection ratio is so low, at about 30%, that we think we need to carry out more advertising and awareness-raising activities.


We produce a range of posters and ask supermarkets and other retail stores to display them.